as young, passion-driven and creative people, who are a little crazy in head!

No templates, no short cuts.

A digital agency dedicated to creating cutting-edge websites. We are not 'Mr. Do-it-all', but, thanks to some extremely accommodating friends, we do know how to get it all done. So, feel free to call us for everything. Ok, not everything; press the damn flush yourself!!

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We study your venture first, so that we don't have to blabber aimlessly



We put our heads together to devise a strategy that would work well for you



In the middle of some serious pretentious work and some casual fun, we cast our spell

OUR Legends Team

We have different departments that have a pile of work to get through. However, they are more interested in finding faults with others. And yet, at the end of the day, a whole lot of fun - and even manage to get some fabulous work done!

creative guys

Creative Guys

They spend hours shifting
fancy icons up and down.

Blah - Blah Babes


They write well. And let's not get to how they talk!


BDM Bandhu

Our gateway to the clients, we call
them penny-pinchers.

SEO Team

SEO Wale

They are our in-house fame-bringers, if that's a word.

SMO Team

SMO Team

They are behind "Jungle-jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai".

Our Rockstar


And this is our rockstar... it will 'bow' you, such a stunner!

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HR Billi

They may be called cats, but have an eagle's eye for the best talent around!

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